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José Luis Castelo, Director of Stamping at CIE Automotive in Mexico

CIE and Fagor Arrasate have been working together since 1995, in over 20 installations. How do you rate this relationship over the years?

We have had a relationship with Arrasate for more than 20 years. We have worked in the European division, and following my appointment in Mexico, we have been able to develop our work in the American division.

What is the aspect of your relationship with Fagor Arrasate that you value the most?

I would like to emphasize our good client-supplier relationship, which I believe has benefited both of us. Working together is an added value that is very important. If there is a very good relationship between CIE and Fagor, it's a professional and personal one, and I think that's important.

What are your main needs?

What we need, in terms of production, is OEE [Overall Equipment Effectiveness], which is extremely important. We have to achieve maximum efficiency in order to be competitive; and there is also the issue of quality.

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When OEMs visit CIE plants, what impression do they get of Fagor Arrasate machines?

Fagor has managed to get into the big press manufacturers’ niche. On the other hand, all the customers have said that they value both the machines and their operation, and especially the layout that we have established in our facilities.

What made you decide for Fagor Arrasate?

In this market, it’s important the quality that the machines can provide. And, when we discuss prices, it is very important that we value the price-quality ratio.

What components are made with the installation of Fagor Arrasate?

Essentially, they are structural pieces that are in a transfer and progressive process. We also have transfer processes for the Battery division.

We are talking about a technology that is on the rise, where at the beginning it was practically all steel, but now we have been using a lot of aluminum lately.

What is your opinion of the assessment and attention received and about the opening of a Service plant in Mexico?

We receive the Technical Support Service from the facilities of Querétaro, with support from Europe, that is available 24 hour a day to provide us with vital support when needed.


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