June 30, 2010


Fagor Arrasate event: BIENAL DE MAQUINA HERRAMIENTA, 2010
FAGOR ARRASATE exhibited in the Bilbao’s BIENAL DE MAQUINA HERRAMIENTA, 2010. This Show is the most important one in Spain in the sector of Machine Tools. Although the impact of the economic crisis  was clear, our booth received a significant number of visitors and, what is even more important, many of them with interesting and concrete proyects to be done shortly.
During the Exhibition, Fagor Arrasate showed specially the great variety of new products that is introducing in the market. Among them, it is worth to mention the new advanced servopresses, the lines for variable and flexible roll forming, the press hardening systems, the new lines for processing and working electric sheet metal, the new line of transferization in press lines called Wave line, the casting, rolling and processing equipment for steel and aluminum as well as the biggest hydraulic press built in Spain for manufacturing parts for submarines.