April 26, 2015


Fagor Arrasate’s Speech at the Forge Fair 2015

Fagor Arrasate event: FORGE FAIR 2015

Fagor Arrasate, one of the major global players in the metal forming equipment manufacturing, attended this year’s Forge Fair edition with a conference of Iker Bastida (Export Manager of the Forging equipment) and with a large booth showing the different equipment categories for warm and cold forming/forging presses as well as classical updated hot forging screw and hydraulic presses. This way,  Fagor Arrasate has shown its capabilities in the North American Forging market, additionally to its traditional Stamping Press lines large base.

The speech of Fagor Arrasate presented the conditions that forging companies have to meet in the developed countries in order to successfully compete with the emerging countries. During the presentation, the advantages obtained by the combination of servo driven units working together with simulation programs were explained. In addition, as a real example, a solution of the conversion of an outdated transfer press was presented showing, step by step, with a minimal impact, the improvement of the machine into a more efficient and flexible production press with servo driven transfer and ejection systems.