January 29, 2013

Great Success of Fagor Arrasate and Onapres during the Open House event

Fagor Arrasate and Onapres introduced their advanced equipment for sheet metal stamping

Fagor Arrasate event: Great Success of Fagor Arrasate and Onapres during the Open House event

The Open House events jointly organized by Fagor Arrasate and Onapres in their facilities at Mondragon and Zamudio were closed with a great success. New advanced presses for sheet metal stamping were introduced, particularly the new FlexCell stamping system and a flexible hydraulic press line, both aimed to be installed in two of the main car manufacturers in Germany.

Among the visitors who came to our facilities, some of the major car makers and stampers can be cited: Audi, Benteler, CIE, Estampaciones Mayo, Estampaciones Rubi, Ford, Gestamp, Kamaz, Magna, Mahindra, Maxion, Polynorm, Sitech, Snop, Stadco, UFE, Volkswagen, ZDAS,… Also, several Engineering Students teams from the UPV and Mondragon University could understand directly the high technological level of the two basque firms that nowadays are world leaders in the automotive sector. Members of several Research and Developments Centers and representatives of the political and economic fields also visited the factories.

In the facility of Fagor Arrasate at Mondragon the new FlexCell stamping system was introduced, adapted in the particular case to manufacture wheels up to 20”. FlexCell concept is a combination of two transfer presses that can work together to manufacture big size parts or independently to achieve the high speed usually got n transfer presses when manufacturing medium size parts. Therefore, a FlexCell line becomes an alternative to G3- even G2- tandem press lines, a platform for stamping outer body pars with an amount of investment significantly lower than the usual one.

In the other hand, in the facility of Onapres at Zamudio, a flexible hydraulic press line could be visited. It is a line able to try out dies and also able to produce short series in conventional production. During the Open House days a big machine of 2500 tons of capacity we in function. This press has a CNC intelligent cushion of 9 programmable points with pre-acceleration and follow up features. Also, this press includes powerful dampers able to stand with the total force of the machine. In summary, a hydraulic press able to test dies of much more complex parts what means more advanced and safer cars.