October 24, 2017


Smart machines, greater autonomy, automation and productivity.

Fagor Arrasate event: INDUSTRY 4.0

The 4th industrial revolution has arrived in the world of manufacturing!  We are now seeing the rapid advancements of technologies from consumer products spill over to the industrial sector.  New terms such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and intelligent devices through connectivity CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) are becoming synonymous with the progressive industrial installations in the production.

At Fagor Arrasate, the adoption of these new technologies started two years ago with the implementation of tools to aid in the adjustment and optimization of its machines.  Now it’s gradually offering its clients these services to help optimize production, minimize downtime, increase autonomous processes.

New services at machine level – Smart Machines:
Fagor Arrasate offers, in its wide portfolio of products, certain smart applications that help clients maximize their return on investment.

Visual Stamp – System for controlling force in press
Visual Stamp is a software tool that allows the user to monitor, control, and diagnose the stamping and/or cutting process of the Fagor press.
This system ensures that the press is working efficiently and identifies any incorrect force diagrams due to failures in the adjustment of the press or the die. The analysis is performed in real time by a cyber-physical autonomous system integrated in the press control.

Visualization of uncentred loads

Syncro 3D – Production optimization system
The Syncro 3D simulation software’s goal is to optimize the process between the press and the electronic transfer for Fagor Arrasate’s clients.
This powerful turnkey solution can be used off-line to calculate a virtual model of suitable motion profiles and speeds of the press and transfer system. It will also be able to simulate the complete cycle and check for possible interferences.


Smart Connect –

Comprehensive maintenance system
Through Smart Connect, Fagor’s technical support team is constantly aware of inquiries and interventional needs of the clients’ machines. This is achieved through a remote internet connection which allows the Fagor service team to monitor the machine controls and performance data and provide feedback in detailed reports.  It’s with this data, that the users can monitor critical components that require preventive maintenance.
Fagor Arrasate is pleased with its achievements thus far, but remains committed to advancing these smart algorithms to predict and avoid unscheduled downtime.

Energy efficiency –
To succeed in a completive business world, it’s necessary to minimize the use of resources (mainly raw material and energy) in production. For this purpose, the Fagor Arrasate machines are designed for optimal energy consumption and lowers the cost to manufacture parts.  To ensure this happens, Fagor equipment is equipped with transitory energy storage systems that will transition certain subsystems on standby or eco-efficient mode. This increases the energy efficiency and reduces emissions by the client.

Energy management type screen

Security and confidentiality
Smart Connect collects data from every component and sensor in the manufacturing process. Once this information is obtained, managed, stored, and processed a functional document is produced for their client’s review.   
When storing, handling and exchanging this sensitive information, security is extremely important. It’s for that reason, Fagor Arrasate has developed their own system that guarantees its clients data remains secure and confidential for now and the future.

The Industry 4.0 phenomenon is here to stay and, for us, the journey towards the fourth industrial revolution has already begun. Always with the client in mind, Fagor Arrasate continues to invest in new technologies which improve the competitiveness of our clients.

Our aim is clear: To collaborate with our customer and always offer an innovative product that helps them with the achievement of their industrial goals.