November 23, 2009


Fagor Arrasate event: METALFORM CHINA 2009 CONFERENCE
FAGOR ARRASATE offered an interesting technical speech in the METALFORM CHINA 2009 CONFERENCE, a Seminar held in the METALFORM SHOW celebrated at Beijing last November.
Jon Larrea was speaking for FAGOR and his speech was about the press hardening process. This stamping method allows to obtain very complicated shapes stamping the part at high temperature and then making them harder by aggressively quenching them inside the drawing die. With this technology suppliers can manufacture now parts for the automotive sector that we unthinkable some few years ago.
In this field, FAGOR and brother company BATZ offer to the market very advanced and competitive solutions. People attended the Conference were really interested about press hardening technology as well as the potential of FAGOR in this sector.