September 29, 2014

Press Hardening: Feeder LR5-120 from Fagor Arrasate

The LR5-120 is a general use feeder with four degrees of movement, capable of transferring and positioning an element quickly and flexibly thanks to its 5 drives

Fagor Arrasate event: Press Hardening: Feeder LR5-120 from Fagor Arrasate

Fagor Arrasate  has a long tradition of designing and executing automation systems that are applied to different forming processes. One of the systems that has proven to be most efficient in this area are so called Feeders or linear robots. Given such systems are for general use, the hot forming  development team, Hotteknik, has successfully implemented the latest model developed by Fagor Arrasate, the LR5-120, as a preferential option in high productivity hot forming installations.

In addition to three basic, direct drive, rack and pinion Cartesian axes, it also contains two coplanar rotation axes that enable an element to be rotated around the vertical with great flexibility

  • Payload capacity including blank and tooling:   120 Kg
  • Automatic Tool  change :  Optional
  • X axis motion Module  :
    •   Stroke x Max:     4.500 mm
    •   Maximum speed Vx   8 m/s
    •   Maximum acceleration ax   15 m/s 2
  • Y  axis motion Module
    •   Stroke y
    •   Maximum speed Vy   3,7 m/s
    •   Maximum acceleration ay   7,2 m/s 2
  • Z  axis motion Module

  Stroke z Max:     1200 mm
Maximum speed Vz   2,4 m/s
Maximum acceleration az   10,9 m/s 2

  • C1 main rotary axis
    •   Stroke C1     360°
    •   Maximum speed   80 °/s (1,4 rad/s )
    •   Maximum acceleration     130 °/s2 (2,27 rad/s2)
  • C2 orientating axis
    •   Stroke C2     ± 90º
    •   Maximum speed   175º/s (3,05 rad/s )
    •   Maximum acceleration     225 °/s2 (3,93 rad/s2)