February 28, 2009

Representatives of GESTAMP AUTOMOCION

Fagor Arrasate event: Representatives of GESTAMP AUTOMOCION
Representatives of GESTAMP AUTOMOCION paid a visit to Mondragon in order to proceed with the acceptance of the two big tandem press lines that FAGOR ARRASATE  has built for Customer’s factory in India. These big stamping systems will be installed in the following months on destination.
The first press line has a head press of 2000 Tons with a link drive motion followed by five single action presses of 1000 Tons of capacity each. The head press, also of single action, includes an automatic intelligent computerized cushion that allows to manufacture very complex parts.
The second line starts with a 1500 Tons press, also with an intelligent cushion, followed by four presses of 630 Tons
All the machines, in both lines, have quick change of dies as well as automatic set up and integral monitoring.