December 19, 2013

Transfer Presses: A new virtual simulation system is introduced

Computerized modelling and simulation of the Transfer Presses make Fagor Arrasate improve the design and shorten the commisioning of the machines

Fagor Arrasate event: Transfer Presses: A new virtual simulation system is introduced

The new software that Fagor Arrasate has introduced in the market to simulate in a computer the motion of a Transfer Press allow important advantages in the design and commissioning of these machines. So, they guarantee Production improvements and cost reduction in manufacturing, assembly and tuning of transfer system. An optimum design pursuant to previously defined assembly standards can be easily reached. Also, the system can be assembled and tuning as per simulated design. It is worth highlighting the absence of problems due to system part collisions during this phase, since the solution is generally both expensive and time-consuming. Finally, the achieved improvements in system efficiency will lead to production improvement for the die stamper, particularly in cadence increase and Process robustness.

In Transfer Presses, the virtual simulation that Fagor Arrasate computes allows optimizing and controlling the process in 3D.

The geometric specificities of the part to be processed, die characteristics, not to mention the anchoring elements, are the main aspects to be taken into account when analyzing and optimizing the system.

The result of 3D simulation of the entire kinematics of the parts during a press cycle enables:

• Process checking.
• Die designs to be checked and optimized.
• Anchoring element designs to be checked and optimized.
• Curve optimization via collision checking and offline programming generation.
• Curve overlapping optimization to improve cadences.
• Numerical controller emulation and programme in complete transfer system  context.