Transfer presses

Greater Flexibility and Efficiency for Your Production Strategy

Advantages of relying on Fagor Arrasate as the single supplier

Easy to use, user-friendly and intuitive

Monitoring of the most important variables, allowing for the installation to perform at maximum capacity

Over 1,000 recipes can be stored

Configuration and monitoring of the press and automation (transfer and destacker) on the HMI itself

Accessibility to automation and press maintenance displays

Synoptic displays for transfer and destacker movements

Different HMI access levels for the operator, maintenance technicians and tool manufacturers

Transfer Press Features

FAGOR ARRASATE’s ability to design and manufacture conventional mechanical presses, hydraulic presses and servo presses with a proprietary technology electronic transfer guarantees the highest performance and productivity while taking up a minimum amount of space, ensuring, in turn, better access to the different accessories of the installation.

Press Features

Force kN 6.000 – 40.000
Table length mm 3.000 – 8.000
Table width mm 1.200 – 2.750
Press stroke mm 400- 900
Rates spm Up to 70 spm
Power supply Feeding line – Blank loader
There are 3 different drive concepts:

Eccentric Conventional linkage drive Servo drive
Low layout height
High layout height Cutting
Low and high layout height
Pendulum motion
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Electronic Transfer

The installation of an electronic transfer grants us the option to program and store a great variety of cyclograms, biaxis, triaxis, triaxis suction cups, crossbar, etc., thus adapting to the movements and operations required by the dies. This electronic transfer provides great flexibility to this installation, allowing it to manufacture a wide range of pieces. In addition, these are light transfer developments, which seek to respond to our customers’ main concerns:

More strokes per minute · Increased process safety and robustness · Improved efficiency and productivity · More flexibility


Maximum precision movements

Fagor has 8 different models for the differently sized installations and pieces to be manufactured. The main features are:

  • Maximum transfer rate of up to 70 spm
  • Maximum transfer weight capacity of up to 400 kg transfer capacity (piece + clamp).
  • Transfer bars can be made of aluminum or steel
  • Electrical and hydropneumatic design realized by means of 3D models
  • Minimum deviation
  • Maximum rigidity

These elements’ optimized design ensures a synchronized process with a positive effect on the system’s productivity. At Fagor Arrasate we offer services for an optimized design of all transfer system components.

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Anti-vibration System

There are many critical aspects to a transfer, but one of them is the automation system’s vibration level. To significantly reduce the vibration level of the transfer bar, Fagor Arrasate has developed the anti-vibration bar system. Thanks to this system, we have improved the transfer bars’ behavior making them much more stable.

SYNCRO: Production Optimization Software

Within the SYNCRO software, designed by FAGOR ARRASATE, we find the ideal tool to optimize the interference curves between press and transfer, as well as the support needed during the die design phase to avoid unwanted interference. The main advantages of our software’s application are:

  • Reduction of die and gripper system design and manufacturing times.
  • Reduction and streamlining of tests, in-plant checks and fine-tuning.
  • Optimized calculation of the maximum operating speed.
  • Improved productivity and reduced incidents.


SYNCRO optimizes the press stroke, calculates the press cycle and then adapts the transfer motion so that the piece can move without interfering with the press. The use of 3D software provides detailed information on the project and makes it possible to constantly check and update its progress:

  • Checking and optimizing die design.
  • Checking and optimizing the design of the gripper elements.
  • Optimizing curves through collision checking and offline scheduling generation.
  • Optimizing curve overlap by increasing the rate.

All this allows us to obtain the maximum press-transfer synchronism thereby achieving the highest processing speed. In addition, we offer transfer use training to our customers in order to achieve the highest productivity.


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