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A reference in large presses with a servo transfer of 30,000 kN

Fagor Arrasate will supply TPV Group with a large 30,000 kN servo transfer press and a 10,000 kN servo press for stamping parts for the automotive industry. TPV is an important TIER1 located in Slovenia that supplies the main European OEMs.

The big press has a large 7-meter bolster and is equipped with a compact coil-feeding line and destacker. The servo transfer technology that it incorporates gives it great flexibility to stamp different types of parts in different materials, high productivity and high piece quality in materials that otherwise may present drawing difficulties.

The 10,000 kN press, in turn, will have a 4.5-meter bolster and a long coil feeding line. It will perform blanking and progressive tasks.

With this new order Fagor Arrasate has 13 references in the design and manufacture of presses of 30,000 kN or more for OEMs and TIER1 in Europe, USA, Mexico and China. This new project is the result of the company's commitment to continue its expansion in Central Europe, where it has more than 100 references among the OEMs, TIER1 and TIER2 located in the area.

Countries Slovenia

Solutions Transfer presses

Sectors Automotive

Technologies Mechanical presses

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Download pdf - Large servo presses: productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for HSS parts
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