Cut To Length Lines

At FAGOR ARRASATE we specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of cut to length lines (CTL). Our lines are fully automated throughout the entire process of unwinding, flattening, cutting and stacking, and are equipped with the latest sensor technology to measure flatness and surface quality. These are technologically advanced devices due to their high levels of productivity and the high-quality standards they achieve in surface finishing, flattening, cutting quality and seamless stacking. Thanks to this capacity to process the most delicate and critical materials, the CTLs developed by FAGOR ARRASATE can supply skin parts to the main OEMs and Tier companies in the automotive sector. In addition, our cross-cutting lines offer great flexibility, as they can process thicknesses of between 0.25 and 4 mm and work even with advanced materials such as high yield strength steels.


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