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This multiblanking line, installed in 2009 at North American Stainless (NAS) in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, has been processing high-quality stainless steel for 14 years. The blanks cut on this type of line are particularly suitable for sectors that produce large quantities of similar-sized blanks, such as household appliances, pipes, etc.

This line operates at 140 cycles/minute with up to 5 rectangular pieces per stroke. It works in continuous mode thanks to a rotary shear, offering the highest surface quality.

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Technologies Cut To Length Lines


Multiblanking slitting lines are designed to transform a coil into several flat parts. Regardless of the sector they are intended for, the main characteristics of the resulting product are:

45,000 lb/20.000 kg 0.01-0.16 in/0.25-4mm 12-63 in/300-1600 mm
  • Hydraulic uncoiler with paper unwinder and strip centering device.
  • Automatic change of cutting knives and off-line presetting.
  • Continuous air cushion stacker with buffers.
  • Automatic coil threading cycles.
  • Trimming shear.
  • Leveling machine for stainless steel with removable cassette for easy maintenance.
  • Scrap evacuation system to collect edge trimmings.
  • PVC Winder.
  • Tilting table for automatic ejection of the beginning and the end of the coil.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures high surface quality, which is particularly crucial when processing delicate metals like stainless steel, O5 steel, and aluminum. We prioritize optimum flatness, ensuring each product meets the highest standards of precision. Additionally, our process guarantees burr-free cutting quality, ensuring smooth, clean edges every time. A key aspect of our service is the meticulous attention to the perfect geometrical stacking of bundles. This careful handling avoids any dents or marks, preserving the pristine condition of each piece.

In addition, these lines are characterized by their ability to work in single or multiblanking mode (up to 6 blanks per cut). In multiformat mode, these lines can cut several blanks at the same time and are ideal for increasing production when cutting small sheets.

These lines offer high productivity rates. They can run at a maximum speed of 100 m-40 in/min, and up to 6 blanks per cut and 100 blanks/min in single-format mode or 33 blanks/min in multi-blanking mode.

100 m - 40 in/min Up to 6 blanks per cut Up to 100 blanks/min Up to 33 blanks/min

Minimizing set-up times is key in a multiblanking line to achieve performance and productivity rates, so our lines include features such as automatic loading, feeding and threading, fast automatic cassette change (<5 min), LSA (Leveler Setting Assistance), digital platform for machine diagnostics and preventive and predictive maintenance, and stackers with automatic positioning of guides and stops.

Other features of multiblanking slitting lines are similar to those of slitting lines, with the difference being the incorporation of a rotary shear. Placed before the catenary of the line, it cuts the strip into smaller strips. Once the cut has been made, it is necessary to separate the strips from each other in order to carry out the subsequent processes. After the strip cutting process, it is possible to process the edges by cutting them (with shears) or by winding them.

linea de corte miltiformato

Due to the wide variety of materials and sectors for which these types of lines are intended, they must be completed with a series of complementary solutions. To be highlighted:

  • Automatic loading, feeding and threading.
  • Edge trimming and further processing by edge trimmer and scrap chopper.
  • Paper and/or film application systems for delicate materials (stainless steel and/or aluminum).
  • Automatic pallet loading.
  • Integrated control up to level 2 and 3.
  • Digital platform for machine diagnosis as well as preventive and predictive maintenance.
  • Integral monitoring and multimedia display.

most relevant machines integrated in a Multiblanking Slitting Line


The type of levelers usually used in these lines is of 3 heights and process materials up to 4-5 mm (0-15-0.19 in) maximum thickness. As in the cut-to-lengh lines, these levelers are equipped with functions such as: automatic cassette change (<5 min), multi-drive control and Leveler Setting Assistance (LSA) application, roll cleaning system, materials and finishing of levelling rolls, among others.

Oscillating shears

These cut from top to bottom and therefore have the highest accuracy in terms of cutting linearity. In addition, because the material is stationary at the time of cutting, these shears achieve minimum burr values. In addition, they have an oscillating movement which allows them to cut trapezoidal shapes.

On the other hand, the productivity of these shears is lower than that of rotary oscillating shears. They are lines that work in a pit and the feeding is done in a cyclic manner. The shears are equipped with an automatic die change feature in order to make curved cuts, omega cuts, etc., and automatic clearance adjustment.

Rotary shears

These are intended for high-production lines (up to 200 cycles/minute) in which the shear cuts the material by means of the synchronized rotation of the upper and lower head. They are lines that work by pulling, and feeding is controlled by a pre-feeding roller and measuring wheel. Because the lines work by pulling, they do not need a pit and therefore are simple installations. The shears are equipped with a blade change feature and automatic clearance adjustment.


Electromagnetic stackers are used in this type of lines. Due to the fact that several blanks can be produced for each cut, the stacker must have alternative solutions to the conventional buffers that guarantee the correct stacking.

The basic features of a multiblanking cutting line
Thickness 2,200 mm /86 in
Espesores 0.3 – 8 mm/ 0.11-0.31 in
Simultaneous blanks 1 – 6
Max speed 100 m/min-4,000 in/min
Max production 6 x 180 cuts/min
Blank max length 7,000 mm / 275 in
Coil max weight 40 tons /88,000 lb


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Our multi-blank cutting lines meticulously craft parent coils into a variety of flat packaged parts, tailored for excellence across diverse sectors.


Our multi-blank cutting lines meticulously craft parent coils into a variety of flat packaged parts, tailored for excellence across diverse sectors.


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