Automatic line for the manufacturing of commercial refrigerators


In 2018, VESTFROST was faced with the need to improve the efficiency of its commercial refrigerator production to meet the growing demand from its customers. The previous production structure, based on independent work cells, limited the company's ability to respond agilely to these demands, creating bottlenecks in intermediate storage and logistics.


VESTFROST opted for an innovative production line provided by Fagor Arrasate, designed to transform the industrial layout from independent cells to a high-speed continuous production system. This solution allowed the elimination of intermediate storage between work phases, which translated into substantial improvements in terms of productivity, availability, and internal logistics efficiency.

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Solutions Commercial refrigerator manufacturing lines

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The transition to the new production line involved close collaboration between VESTFROST and Fagor Arrasate. Project managers and specialists from both sides were assigned to ensure fluid and effective communication, which was fundamental for customizing the line according to VESTFROST's specific production needs. The preparation included the exchange of detailed plans and physical samples, allowing Fagor Arrasate to tailor the machinery to the required specifications.


The new production line not only met VESTFROST's expectations in terms of capacity to meet an increasing volume of demand but also brought additional benefits such as waste reduction and improvement in the quality of the final product. Operational efficiency was significantly increased thanks to advanced automation and the ability to make quick changes between operations.


The continuous support and training provided by Fagor Arrasate during and after installation were highly valued by VESTFROST. The professional collaboration between both companies ensured not just a smooth transition to the new production line but also a solid foundation for addressing any challenges and exploring future improvement opportunities.


Director of Technology, Process Engineering and Maintenance, VESTFROST Csongrád

What were your production needs that motivated the acquisition of this line?
In the previous lay-out of the plant, manufacturing was carried out in several independent cells that have been replaced by the current line.

What has been the improvement in term of productivity, availability, intermediate storage, internal logistics…?
The growth of the demand from our customers required a change in our assets too. To fulfil the increasing demand in volume, we had to change our mindset and look for a solution which can provide a high-speed machine which can manufacture the refrigerator panels ready to use avoiding the production of each step in different workstations. This also brings the benefit of not storing the metal pieces in between the different steps.

How was the project managed? To define properly the line, the communication between supplier and manufacturer must be very good considering the quantity of references you intend to produce with the same line.
The project had dedicated project manager from each side. There were also specialists involved in regular alignment meetings. From manufacturer side we provide the most precise specification possible to assure that we get wat we want. All the drawings were shared, and, in some case, also physical samples were sent to the supplier to get the real picture of our needs. The discussion between us contained the coolers specification and expectation regarding to the quality of the final products.

This line adds a high degree of productivity but complexity as well, how has Fagor’s support been during the commissioning and start of production?
The support from Fagor was agreed in the specification and was well managed. Specialists and operators came to the site to implement the new line and also give the proper training for the local operators. Before the installation, the machine was built at Fagor’s site and tested for all items with the manufacturer’s raw materials to ensure that all specified parameters meet the expectations. This test run was in collaboration with the Vestfrost engineers and production representatives.

Afterwards, how would you rate Fagor’s service? Any particular experience?
The service provided during the project and also after implementation was highly rated. The support and the collaboration between the Fagor and Vestfrost were at professional level. Even during challenging situations, the whole team was solution oriented and acted immediately.

What aspect of your relationship with Fagor Arrasate do you value the most?
The quick and professional response and support is really appreciated.

What advantages do you find in Fagor Arrasate’s products and services compared to others?
During the planning of the project, there were more suppliers contacted and the final choice was the Fagor Arrasate due to different aspects, like timing, flexibility of the team, fulfillment of our requirement regarding to quality and output, tools availability and also financial aspects.

Final note: please, underline anything you find particularly noteworthy about any of the dimensions of the relationship with Fagor Arrasate (project design, management, service, close and direct relationship, trust…).

I believe that the close and direct communication is the most valued by Vestfrost especially during facing issues during daily work, but also discussing the further opportunities given by the line.



Technoloy, Process engineering and Maintenance manager at Vestfrost Csongrád (Hungary)

Highlighted the importance of the high-speed solution provided by Fagor Arrasate for producing refrigerator panels ready for final assembly. The professionalism, responsiveness, and solution-oriented approach of Fagor Arrasate were key to the successful implementation and commissioning of the new line.




All-electric line that redefines the manufacturing for commercial refrigerators, combining high productivity and unprecedented flexibility with a firm commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. Designed to adapt quickly to changing market demands without compromising efficiency.


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