April 14, 2015


New alternative to chemical stripping for metal sheet of medium to high thickness.


Fagor Arrasate presents the new and innovative Ecological Stripping installation for processing black hot rolled sheet blank to blank. This stripping technology can be applied to the band when it is in process, that is, before the band is cut into blanks or rewound.

It is a line that will be installed in one of the plants of a major business group who has worked very closely with FAGOR ARRASATE in its development.

The line speed is 10 m/min. The blanks to be processed range from a minimum size of 2000 x 800 x 4mm to a maximum size of 8000 x 2050 x 20 mm, from which the customer will obtain a completely stripped, oiled and flattened sheet for its later packaging in blanks for which the unit weight can vary between 50kg and 2600kg.

This new line aims to eventually replace the current installations of hydrochloric chemical stripping, highly polluting and extremely dangerous, with new installations of ecological stripping by micro impact for continuously hot rolled steel strip aimed at bulk service centres with an average annual production of 30,000 to 100,000 tons/year.

Micro impact is a mechanical surface treatment technique which can simultaneously achieve surface cleaning and a precise surface finish.

It involves the projection of abrasive particles (micro abrasive metallic particles) at high speed (100m/s) which, upon impact with the treated part, results in the removal of contaminants from the surface.

Advantages of the FAGOR innovative solution:

  • Technology applicable to different configurations and types of line depending on production requirements
  • Ecological alternative for cleaning black hot rolled sheeting
  • Cleaning and reducing internal stresses in the same installation
  • Easy handling and ease of adjustment
  • Total flexibility to process small batches of blanks and/or coils