March 26, 2015

FAGOR ARRASATE takes part in the European Project CREMA for preventing failures in the machines

The CREMA Project (Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing)searches the development of control systems that, capturing data on time and analyzing them simultaneously, allow forecast failures in the machine-tools in order to take corrective actions in advance

Fagor Arrasate event: FAGOR ARRASATE takes part in the European Project CREMA for preventing failures in the machines

Forming Machine- Tools are expensive machines that must work for long periods of time. Each stop caused by a failure means an enormous cost, both because the cost of reparations and the cost of the lost production during the stop. Therefore, it is vital having control systems that guarantee to know in advance any problem that the machine can have along its lifetime for taking corrective measures to avoid any stop.
Fagor Arrasate  takes part in the CREMA PROJECT (Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing) funded by the European Union. This project aims to develop computerized tools in the cloud for taking, keeping, monitoring and evaluating a big number of data of the machines and determine corrective strategies in advance, optimizing the production of the companies.

It will be possible, for instance, to determine the best moment for carrying out the preventive maintenance processes as well as purchasing the required spare parts

All the tasks will be held in real time. When the software resident on the Cloud detects a symptomatic changes in the control values an alarm is triggered to search within the knowledge database how  to solve that problem. Using the cloud allows to find collaborative solutions between suppliers, the manufacturer and the end user.
The CREMA project  has a forecasted term of 3 years and it is budgeted within the UE program “Horizon 2020” of the “Factories of the future”. With Fagor Arrasate there are other  partners in the project as Ascora, Goizper and the Research & Development Ikerlan.