February 17, 2023

I-STAMP project progress meeting in Spain

I-Stamp project aims at drastically increasing the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of automotive big size press-lines applied for the production of large critical outer components and high strength inner reinforcements by implementing new digital solutions.

Fagor Arrasate event: I-STAMP project progress meeting in Spain

The partners of I-STAMP project met in Mondragon, Spain, between 6th and 7th February to discuss project progress and exchange learnings.

Two intense but fruitful days in which we were able to discuss technical aspects and share the progress of the project in aspects such as the creation of reduced models (i.e., meta-models) from manufacturing process simulations (FEA) and identification of optimal sensor locations using sensitivity analysis, or the results from initial sensor tests conducted at Volvo production press line.

The partners of the project also had the oportunity to visit  the ‘Advanced Material Forming Processes’ Lab at Mondragon University and to have an industrial tour of our production and assembly facilities in Mondragon for hydraulic press systems and sheet metal processing lines.

I-STAMp project aims to develop cost-effective and affordable actuators and sensors, together with fully automatic control systems to achieve self-adjustable production systems in automotive press lines. New active shims for big size critical tooling, new sensors for measuring the draw-in inside and outside the tool and finally, advanced controllers based on reduced order or meta-models and calibrated by experimental observations will be used for this purpose.

These innovations will be transformed in new products to be installed in intelligent presses and exploited after the project completion. Maximizing return on investment (ROI) against these assets is crucial for maintaining a healthy bottom line. Additionally, minimizing the amount of scrap is necessary to become more competitive and create more sustainable manufacturing processes.