August 30, 2011

Volkswagen trusts once again in Fagor Arrasate

The Wolfsburg located German car maker has awarded FAGOR ARRASATE with an important order of a stamping system aimed to manufacture wheels

Fagor Arrasate event: Volkswagen trusts once again in Fagor Arrasate

The new system will have two concatenated presses having the first transfer press two slides and the second one, one slide. The system is complemented with a destacker to feed blanks into the line.

In the first press, the main slide will have a capacity of 3200 ton at 20 mm of the BDP with a size of the bolster of 4500 x 1500 mm. The stroke will be 450 mm and the Shut Height will be 1000 mm. This press also has a second slide, external slide, for cutting the entering blanks. This second slide will have a capacity of 500 Tons at 12.5 mm od the BDP with a slide’s size of 1200 x 1700 mm. The stroke of this second slide will be 180 mm. The speed of the system will range from 12 to 20 spm in working mode and 5 to 12 in adjusting mode.

The second press has only one slide with a capacity of 2500 ton, also at 20 mm of the BDP, and a size of 4500 x 1500. This press will also have a stroke of 900 mm. Both machines have our electronic transfer mechanism able to run with pitches up to 900 mm and lifting motions of 150 mm.

Of course, they have moving bolsters and automatic quick clamps to proceed with the change of the dies in a minimum time.

Between both presses, there will be a robotized shuttle to transfer the parts from the first machine to the second. The destacker at the beginning of the system allows a correct and quick feeding of material into the first press. In fact, the whole system works as a huge transfer press of 3 slides working all together.