Coil Fed Laser Blanking

The advantages of laser cutting applied to sheet metal coils

A tailor-made solution for each application



The leveling process helps to ensure that the final product is free of defects and internal stresses that may appear in the material after cutting. Fagor Arrasate´s straighteners and levelers are adapted to a wide range of thicknesses and yield strengths. Our Leveling Setting Assistant helps operators to select the proper settings in each case for an excellent leveling quality.

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Multiple heads can be integrated in the laser cell. The modular design permits configurations of 1,2 or even 3 laser heads in a row. The workload is distributed between the various heads, thus increasing productivity rates and making the cutting process more efficient. In order to keep an optimal cutting quality, the laser is equipped with different control systems.



Fagor Arrasate has developed its own advanced cutting simulation software to optimize the following operations:

  • Preparation of the blank nesting and calculation of productivity rates.
  • Organization of the cutting operations between the different laser heads
  • Generation of CNC programs and communication with the HMI

All these tasks can be executed offline, which means no downtimes when production change over is carried out.


Adaptative expanding gap system increases efficiency and opens new possibilities to the production with FAGOR laser blanking systems. Clean part extraction and remnant automatic cutting and sorting are just two examples of the multiple benefits that this device provides.


The laser blanking system allows the automatic sorting of the finished parts without any operator intervention. The whole process is controlled by a latest generation management software. FAGOR offers multiple possibilities for automation and separation of parts.


Possibility to retrofit press blanking and cut to length lines. Same advantages at a lower investment level. Reduction of installation costs.

Requires a case by case analysis.

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