At Fagor Arrasate we are constantly evolving, attentive to the needs of our customers and the market. For this reason, we have made a strong commitment to a diversification strategy to reach new sectors and activity niches with our technologies and know-how that can take advantage of them to improve their processes.

The rise of electric mobility represents a paradigm shift for the industry that poses both opportunities and challenges. For this reason, at Fagor Arrasate we put our long experience in the design and manufacture of stamping systems at the service of the needs of this emerging sector.

The battery is one of the critical elements of the new electric vehicles, a sector for which we have developed an alternative solution for the stamping of electric vehicle battery cell cases, both cylindrical and prismatic.

The new process is carried out with traditional presses equipped with transfer systems. This new production method developed by Fagor Arrasate offers the advantage of being a modular and scalable system that adapts to production needs. In addition, it eliminates production stoppages due to coil changes, using Fagor Arrasate’s coil buffer system.

eMobility Solutions

This new solution joins the broad portfolio of lightweight technologies offered by Fagor Arrasate for the eMobilty industry and the challenges it faces in reducing vehicle weight through the use of new materials:

  • Large transfer presses over 30,000 kN: capable of producing structural and chassis parts in materials such as HSS and UHSS, positioning itself as an alternative to small-medium size press lines, and even, some hot stamping processes.
  • High-speed press lines: focused solution for stamping large parts, such as body sides, hoods, roofs and double door units.
  • SMC lines: composite line for the production of electric vehicle battery boxes. We deliver the solution for molding (hydraulic press + active parallelism control) and the solution for cutting and handling of the part (cutter, weight control and adjustment, gantry, robot and grippers or other composite materials).
  • Aluminum hot forming: We have developed a solution for hot stamping of aluminum alloys 6xxx and 7xxx, which offer weight saving advantages due to their specific strength and low density.


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