Assembly technologies

For home appliance parts manufacturing

We produce special machines and automated assembly lines integrating flexible systems and technologies, providing to our customers with specialized and diversified solutions: all welding, clinching and riveting solutions can be integrated in our lines for process optimization to exceed



To achieve the highest process efficiency and performance, cold joining systems can be implemented into our automatic lines. We can incorporate a clinching process, which is a bulk sheet metal forming process aimed at joining thin metal sheets without additional components, using special tools to form an interlock between two or more sheets. It is a way to join metal parts in a fast, effective and sustainable way.



A technology that is fully incorporated into our processes is welding. Resistance welding, plasma welding, laser welding and spot welding are the various methods we use in our production lines. The control and monitoring component of our integrated systems helps our customers to meet their high production requirements.

seam locking


We can provide static or dynamic process solutions with high standards of sealing and tolerances where perimeters need to be linked, even with complex profiles, negating the need for welding procedures.

Riveting & Screwing

As an alternative to traditional spot welding, we integrate other cold joining systems, such as riveting and screwing. The specifications of the process can be fully customized based on the customer's needs.

Clamps assembly

We integrate work cells to automate clamp insertion and embossing with the aim to optimize the manufacturing process and increase quality with production.


ARRASATE integrates different punching, folding, profiling, welding, clinch fastening and other technologies, together with their corresponding automatisms.


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