Automation technologies

For manufacturing home appliance parts

ARRASATE specializes in the development of machines and auxiliary peripherals for process automation, from the conception of the solution and the kinematic simulation to define plant space and production rates, including the development of inspection systems for the geometric, aesthetic and performance verification of products.

Based on the customer's needs, ARRASATE's team of experts in the field of automation contribute their knowledge towards improving the performance of the current installations, proposing modernizations to improve line productivity and to facilitate control over the process window that ensures quality.


Robots can increase productivity, reduce production costs and improve product quality. They also help improve employee well-being by eliminating the need for heavy and dangerous work.

The most significant advances that are changing the robotics and automation landscape are built on the fundamental pillar of improving perception and vision. ARRASATE has advanced robotic services in the machine vision and machine learning environment.


Our stacking systems let the automatic sorting of the finished parts with no operator intervention. We offer multiple possibilities for automation and separation of parts. The whole process is controlled by a latest generation management software.


Artificial vision is a scientific discipline that includes methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding real world images so that they can be processed by a computer.

The processing of these images, in conjunction with increased machine decision making capabilities (Artificial Intelligence), allows automated machines to solve complex situations on production lines autonomously.

Through these systems, processes of sampling inspection, supervision and quality control are carried out, freeing operators from performing repetitive tasks, thus reducing error margins.


To obtain these complex geometry parts from stainless steel, preprinted steel and galvanized steel, transformation processes and key manufacturing processes such as bending are necessary.

BEND4ME is a tool for the management of the bending process, which defines the profile to be processed, determines what the best process for obtaining it is, and allows for process adaptation through process simulation.

Smart Connect

In ARRASTE we have been collaborating for years with our clients in the technological impulse to the industry, researching and developing digital technologies that make it possible to maximize the added value of their current industrial installations and optimizing the efficiency, availability and quality of their resources, maintenance services, design and production processes.

Our multidisciplinary technical team is specialized in:

  • Technologies associated with data such as cloud infrastructures, Big Data, Data Analytics, blockchain, predictive models, etc.
  • Digital technologies closer to industrial assets such as sensorization through cyber-physical systems, edge computing, cybersecurity, machine learning, and development of digital twins or Digital Twins.


ARRASATE integrates different punching, folding, profiling, welding, clinch fastening and other technologies, together with their corresponding automatisms.


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