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At ARRASATE we are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of equipment for the manufacture of different parts for household and professional appliances.


The household appliance manufacturing sector is a constantly evolving market that requires increasingly flexible production. In order to respond to the demands and needs of its customers, at ARRASATE we have committed ourselves to innovation and the development of flexible bending systems.

Since we started working with flexible CNC benders in 2006, ARRASATE has made significant progress in making its lines more flexible. Right now, our bending machines are equipped with simulation systems for bending and automatic radius change, die changes with parallel storage and angle measurements systems.

One of the most outstanding advances is the implementation of screens, which allows:

  • The manufacture of different profile models, a totally flexible system where the operator is able to generate his own profile, which gives customers in the household appliance sector the ability to test and manufacture the profiles they want.
  • The adjustment of parameters (bending angle and radius) in order to manufacture the different products with the highest quality and geometric precision.

We have also developed the 5-metre interpolated benders. With this machine we are able to cover a wide range of profiles, thanks to the design of the tools that allow access to any area of the profile, offering flexibility when bending. It also has a servo-controlled tread with exact position and tread force control.

All these innovations position ARRASATE as one of the benchmarks in the bending sector and show our commitment to the development of interpolated flexible bending systems as a solution to the challenges faced by the household appliance manufacturing market.


Combining knowledge of different technologies and materials, at ARRASATE we are the supplier of all the components included in the process of stamping the parts for household appliances, from the press feed, the press, the transfer and the dies.

All this, together with the special characteristics of the materials used in the world of household appliances, makes ARRASATE the best advisor for the needs of each customer, from the design of dies to the choice of the most suitable press for those dies.

All our projects are oriented to the optimisation of the processes pertaining to the desired final piece. Through fluid communication with our clients, improvements in the production rate of up to 100% have been achieved with respect to the initial needs of clients.

Coil Fed Laser Blanking

ARRASATE´s laser blanking system combines a fiber laser cutting machine with an automatic metal coil feeding system, resulting in an efficient coil fed laser cutting solution.

The laser blanking line provides finished laser cut parts directly from a coil, resulting in a more flexible and efficient production. It offers many advantages compared to blank fed systems thanks to the use of a coil, such as savings on raw material due to its better material efficiency, consistent work rates and a lower cost per part.

Laser blanking technology also reduces power consumption compared to alternatives such as press lines.

Some of the main benefits obtained from the use of the coil fed laser blanking solution are:

  • Ability to process complex blanks without geometrical constraints.
  • Easily change the organization of the production programs.
  • Reduction of Production Processes: From raw material to finished part in a single system. Drastic reduction of human intervention and intermediate stocks.
  • Increased adaptability: Capability to produce any part at any moment. A coil fed laser solution enables the user to face unexpected production stops and to react faster to continuously changing customer demands.
  • Material mix: Laser cutting is not conditioned by the material strength. It can process Steel (Usibor, AHSS, …), Stainless Steel and Aluminum.
  • Reduction of production costs:
    • Fully optimized use of material; the amount of scrap is reduced, around 10% against conventional blanking.
    • Die design and purchase costs are eliminated.
    • Lower energy consumption among others.
  • Reduced cost of installation: Significant savings in foundation costs; no pits for the loop and press required. No need for high bay workshops with heavy load overhead cranes. All this makes this kind of installation more modular & transportable If at some point there is a need to relocate it.
  • Reduced production maintenance: Big savings; complex die maintenance jobs are avoided, simple maintenance operations, less downtime and not so costly consumables.
  • Reduction of space: Huge space saving. Die storage is not required.


Metal flanging is the act of sliding the sheet metal in a direction away from its previous position. The key is that the forming is done in a way that does not wrinkle or deform the metal in any way.

In addition, extra measures must be taken to ensure that the forming and flanging operations do not mark the part. That is, it is not desirable that any stamping operation should leave marks, dents or dings in the sheet metal part, especially if the part is to be used in a location where it can be easily seen.

Roll forming

At ARRASATE, we have been manufacturing roll-forming machines for different applications since we were founded in 1957, and since then, we have been at the forefront of roll-forming technology, remaining in continuous contact with our customers and with research and development centers.

The necessary control systems have been developed for the requirements of these new advances in hardware, with equipment perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers, as well as the necessary software. Similarly, we are continually researching techniques that will increase productivity, decrease downtime and reduce costs.


In a home there are several elements that are manufactured in composite material: sinks, shower trays, doors… Specifically the process used for these elements is SMC (Sheet Molding Compound), in which ARRASATE has extensive experience in its forming.

ARRASATE offers a turnkey solution covering the entire process, from the cutting of the raw material, both from coils and festoon, to the automatic loading and unloading in the hydraulic press.


ARRASATE integrates different punching, folding, profiling, welding, clinch fastening and other technologies, together with their corresponding automatisms.


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